5 ways to enjoy your coffee without the waste

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1. Invest in a reusable coffee cup

Coffee is the most common beverage after water for adults. Coffee is the most popular hot beverage and the number one food service beverage in Canada. 14 billion cups of coffee are consumed in Canada every year, and 35% of coffee is consumed “to go”.

Zero Waste Canada

The number one way you can eliminate coffee waste when you’re on the go is to invest in a reusable cup. There are a lot of stylish reusable coffee mugs available that you can keep by the door and take with you whenever you’re heading out.

These are a few of my favourite cup choices:

2. Make your own coffee

Rather than buying a coffee every day, invest in a coffee maker, buy high-quality coffee beans, and make your coffee from home.

These are some great eco-friendly and affordable coffee maker options:


The Aeropress makes a great-tasting strong cup of coffee. Best of all it’s fast and easy to use. Depending on how you like your coffee, there are various ways you can make it (do a Google search and you will find many methods from devoted Aeropress fans).


The Chemex is a manual pour-over style coffee maker that’s not only beautiful to look at but makes great coffee. It takes a little more time, but the result is oh so satisfying.

French Press

The French Press is a longstanding favourite, it makes a great full-bodied coffee and doesn’t require the paper filters of other manual coffee makers. It’s simple to use and easy to clean.

Moka Espresso Maker

Last but not least the Moka pot! It’s an easy-to-use stovetop espresso maker that doesn’t require any paper filters. Best for people who want a stronger espresso coffee.

3. Use reusable filters

If you are making your coffee from home, it’s possible to purchase reusable cotton filters rather than paper. Most reusable filters are compostable, made from organic cotton, and end up being more economical long term. CoffeeSock makes filters for drip coffee makers, Chemex and Aeropress.

4. Make your own oat milk

Prefer milk in your coffee? Oat milk is a great milk alternative that is simple to make at home. I found this recipe by the Minimalist Baker quick and easy to follow.

5. Package coffee beans in your own containers

Most bulk food stores allow you to bring your own containers so you can purchase your coffee without the packaging waste. Some coffee shops will also allow you to BYO containers. To keep the coffee fresh at home, make sure to package it correctly in an airtight container.

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