A guide to zero waste reading + how to read for free!

A couple of years ago, I discovered my local library offers access to ebooks for free. The entire online collection is accessible through an app called Libby. I’m a member of the Montreal library and the BanQ library—both provide access to their online collections through Libby. Follow these steps to get set up with yourContinue reading “A guide to zero waste reading + how to read for free!”

5 ways to enjoy your coffee without the waste

1. Invest in a reusable coffee cup Coffee is the most common beverage after water for adults. Coffee is the most popular hot beverage and the number one food service beverage in Canada. 14 billion cups of coffee are consumed in Canada every year, and 35% of coffee is consumed “to go”. Zero Waste CanadaContinue reading “5 ways to enjoy your coffee without the waste”

15 books to inspire your sustainable lifestyle

If you’re aspiring towards a zero-waste lifestyle or you’d just like some tips on how to live a little more sustainably, this reading list is for you! This post features books focused on creating an overall more sustainable lifestyle. Future posts will list books specific to topics such as gardening, cooking, and parenting. Zero WasteContinue reading “15 books to inspire your sustainable lifestyle”

8 zero waste items to pack when you’re on the go

When we’re out and about it’s easy to forget about the waste we accumulate through take-out food, coffee, or shopping trips. These are our top 8 items you can pack to help curb waste while you’re on the go:  Produce bags  These are great when you’re heading to your local Sunday market or off toContinue reading “8 zero waste items to pack when you’re on the go”

Simple homemade citrus cleaner recipe

If you’re interested in making your own household cleaner, this recipe is for you! Perfect as an all-purpose cleaner and without any of the nasties. In a spray bottle, combine:  Lemon peels (or any other citrus you have!)  1 part white vinegar  1 part water  [Optional] Fresh herbs such as mint, rosemary, sage, etc OnceContinue reading “Simple homemade citrus cleaner recipe”